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School tours by sport

Rugby school tour Argentina
Rugby school tour Australia
Rugby school tour Chile
Rugby school tour England
Rugby school tour France
Rugby school tour Ireland
Rugby school tour Italy
Rugby school tour Japan
Rugby school tour Mauritius
Rugby school tour Namibia
Rugby school tour New Zealand
Rugby school tour Russia
Rugby school tour Scotland
Rugby school tour United Kingdom
Rugby school tour Wales
Hockey school tour Argentina
Hockey school tour Australia
Hockey school tour Austria
Hockey school tour Belgium
Hockey school tour Brazil
Hockey school tour Chile
Hockey school tour China
Hockey school tour Czech Republic
Hockey school tour Egypt
Hockey school tour England
Hockey school tour France
Hockey school tour Germany
Hockey school tour Hungary
Hockey school tour India
Hockey school tour Ireland
Hockey school tour Italy
Hockey school tour Kenya
Hockey school tour Malaysia
Hockey school tour Namibia
Hockey school tour Netherlands
Hockey school tour New Zealand
Hockey school tour Scotland
Hockey school tour Spain
Hockey school tour United Kingdom
Hockey school tour Wales
Cricket school tour Australia
Cricket school tour England
Cricket school tour India
Cricket school tour Ireland
Cricket school tour Kenya
Cricket school tour Namibia
Cricket school tour Netherlands
Cricket school tour New Zealand
Cricket school tour Scotland
Cricket school tour Sri Lanka
Cricket school tour United Kingdom
Cricket school tour Wales
Netball school tour Argentina
Netball school tour Australia
Netball school tour Chile
Netball school tour England
Netball school tour India
Netball school tour Ireland
Netball school tour Kenya
Netball school tour Malaysia
Netball school tour Mauritius
Netball school tour Namibia
Netball school tour Netherlands
Netball school tour New Zealand
Netball school tour Scotland
Netball school tour Singapore
Netball school tour United Kingdom
Netball school tour Wales
Chess school tour Argentina
Chess school tour Australia
Chess school tour Austria
Chess school tour Belgium
Chess school tour Brazil
Chess school tour Cambodia
Chess school tour Chile
Chess school tour China
Chess school tour Czech Republic
Chess school tour Egypt
Chess school tour England
Chess school tour France
Chess school tour Germany
Chess school tour Hungary
Chess school tour India
Chess school tour Ireland
Chess school tour Italy
Chess school tour Japan
Chess school tour Kenya
Chess school tour Malaysia
Chess school tour Mauritius
Chess school tour Namibia
Chess school tour Netherlands
Chess school tour New Zealand
Chess school tour Russia
Chess school tour Scotland
Chess school tour Singapore
Chess school tour Slovakia
Chess school tour Spain
Chess school tour Sri Lanka
Chess school tour Sweden
Chess school tour Switzerland
Chess school tour Thailand
Chess school tour Turkey
Chess school tour United Kingdom
Chess school tour United States
Chess school tour Vietnam
Chess school tour Wales
Soccer school tour Australia
Soccer school tour Austria
Soccer school tour Belgium
Soccer school tour China
Soccer school tour Czech Republic
Soccer school tour England
Soccer school tour France
Soccer school tour Germany
Soccer school tour Hungary
Soccer school tour Ireland
Soccer school tour Italy
Soccer school tour Netherlands
Soccer school tour Scotland
Soccer school tour Spain
Soccer school tour Switzerland
Soccer school tour Turkey
Soccer school tour United Kingdom
Soccer school tour Wales
Tennis school tour Argentina
Tennis school tour Australia
Tennis school tour Austria
Tennis school tour Belgium
Tennis school tour Brazil
Tennis school tour Chile
Tennis school tour China
Tennis school tour Czech Republic
Tennis school tour Egypt
Tennis school tour England
Tennis school tour France
Tennis school tour Germany
Tennis school tour Hungary
Tennis school tour India
Tennis school tour Ireland
Tennis school tour Italy
Tennis school tour Kenya
Tennis school tour Malaysia
Tennis school tour Mauritius
Tennis school tour Namibia
Tennis school tour Netherlands
Tennis school tour New Zealand
Tennis school tour Russia
Tennis school tour Scotland
Tennis school tour Singapore
Tennis school tour Spain
Tennis school tour United Kingdom
Tennis school tour United States
Tennis school tour Wales
Waterpolo school tour Argentina
Waterpolo school tour Australia
Waterpolo school tour Austria
Waterpolo school tour Belgium
Waterpolo school tour China
Waterpolo school tour Czech Republic
Waterpolo school tour England
Waterpolo school tour France
Waterpolo school tour Germany
Waterpolo school tour Hungary
Waterpolo school tour Ireland
Waterpolo school tour Italy
Waterpolo school tour Malaysia
Waterpolo school tour Netherlands
Waterpolo school tour New Zealand
Waterpolo school tour Russia
Waterpolo school tour Scotland
Waterpolo school tour Singapore
Waterpolo school tour Spain
Waterpolo school tour United Kingdom
Waterpolo school tour United States
Waterpolo school tour Wales

School tours by country

Argentina Cultural tour
Argentina Hockey tour
Argentina Hospitality tour
Argentina Netball tour
Argentina Rugby tour
Argentina Soccer tour
Argentina Tourism tour
Australia Cricket tour
Australia Cultural tour
Australia Hockey tour
Australia Netball tour
Australia Rugby tour
Australia Soccer tour
Australia Tourism tour
Austria Cultural tour
Austria Educational tour
Austria Hockey tour
Austria Soccer tour
Austria Tourism tour
Belgium Art tour
Belgium Cultural tour
Belgium Educational tour
Belgium History tour
Belgium Hockey tour
Belgium Soccer tour
Belgium Tourism tour
Brazil Cultural tour
Brazil Educational tour
Brazil Hockey tour
Brazil Soccer tour
Brazil Tourism tour
Cambodia Cultural tour
Cambodia Educational tour
Cambodia Tourism tour
Chile Cultural tour
Chile Hockey tour
Chile Netball tour
Chile Rugby tour
Chile Soccer tour
China Cultural tour
China Educational tour
China History tour
China Hockey tour
China Hospitality tour
China Soccer tour
China Tourism tour
Czech Republic Cultural tour
Czech Republic Educational tour
Czech Republic History tour
Czech Republic Hockey tour
Czech Republic Hospitality tour
Czech Republic Soccer tour
Czech Republic Tourism tour
Egypt Art tour
Egypt Cultural tour
Egypt Educational tour
Egypt History tour
Egypt Hockey tour
Egypt Soccer tour
Egypt Tourism tour
England Art tour
England Cricket tour
England Cultural tour
England Educational tour
England History tour
England Hockey tour
England Hospitality tour
England Netball tour
England Rugby tour
England Soccer tour
England Tourism tour
France Art tour
France Cultural tour
France Educational tour
France History tour
France Hockey tour
France Hospitality tour
France Rugby tour
France Soccer tour
France Tourism tour
Germany Cultural tour
Germany Educational tour
Germany History tour
Germany Hockey tour
Germany Hospitality tour
Germany Soccer tour
Germany Tourism tour
Hungary Cultural tour
Hungary Educational tour
Hungary History tour
Hungary Hockey tour
Hungary Soccer tour
Hungary Tourism tour
India Cricket tour
India Cultural tour
India Educational tour
India Hockey tour
India Netball tour
India Tourism tour
Ireland Art tour
Ireland Cricket tour
Ireland Cultural tour
Ireland Educational tour
Ireland History tour
Ireland Hockey tour
Ireland Netball tour
Ireland Rugby tour
Ireland Soccer tour
Ireland Tourism tour
Italy Art tour
Italy Cultural tour
Italy Educational tour
Italy History tour
Italy Hockey tour
Italy Hospitality tour
Italy Rugby tour
Italy Soccer tour
Italy Tourism tour
Japan Art tour
Japan Cultural tour
Japan Educational tour
Japan Rugby tour
Japan Tourism tour
Kenya Cricket tour
Kenya Cultural tour
Kenya Hockey tour
Kenya Netball tour
Kenya Soccer tour
Kenya Tourism tour
Malaysia Cultural tour
Malaysia Educational tour
Malaysia Hockey tour
Malaysia Hospitality tour
Malaysia Netball tour
Malaysia Tourism tour
Mauritius Cultural tour
Mauritius Hospitality tour
Mauritius Netball tour
Mauritius Rugby tour
Mauritius Soccer tour
Mauritius Tourism tour
Namibia Cricket tour
Namibia Cultural tour
Namibia Educational tour
Namibia Hockey tour
Namibia Netball tour
Namibia Rugby tour
Namibia Tourism tour
Netherlands Art tour
Netherlands Cricket tour
Netherlands Cultural tour
Netherlands Educational tour
Netherlands History tour
Netherlands Hockey tour
Netherlands Netball tour
Netherlands Soccer tour
Netherlands Tourism tour
New Zealand Cricket tour
New Zealand Cultural tour
New Zealand Hockey tour
New Zealand Netball tour
New Zealand Rugby tour
New Zealand Tourism tour
New Zealand Waterpolo tour
Russia Art tour
Russia Cultural tour
Russia Educational tour
Russia History tour
Russia Rugby tour
Russia Tourism tour
Russia Waterpolo tour
Scotland Art tour
Scotland Cricket tour
Scotland Cultural tour
Scotland Educational tour
Scotland History tour
Scotland Hockey tour
Scotland Netball tour
Scotland Rugby tour
Scotland Soccer tour
Scotland Tourism tour
Scotland Waterpolo tour
Singapore Cultural tour
Singapore Educational tour
Singapore Netball tour
Singapore Tourism tour
Singapore Waterpolo tour
Slovakia Cultural tour
Slovakia Tourism tour
Spain Art tour
Spain Cultural tour
Spain Educational tour
Spain Hockey tour
Spain Hospitality tour
Spain Soccer tour
Spain Tourism tour
Spain Waterpolo tour
Sri Lanka Cricket tour
Sri Lanka Cultural tour
Sri Lanka Tourism tour
Sweden Cultural tour
Sweden Educational tour
Sweden Tourism tour
Switzerland Cultural tour
Switzerland Educational tour
Switzerland Soccer tour
Switzerland Tourism tour
Thailand Cultural tour
Thailand Educational tour
Thailand Hospitality tour
Thailand Tourism tour
Turkey Cultural tour
Turkey Educational tour
Turkey Soccer tour
Turkey Tourism tour
United Kingdom Art tour
United Kingdom Cricket tour
United Kingdom Cultural tour
United Kingdom Educational tour
United Kingdom History tour
United Kingdom Hockey tour
United Kingdom Hospitality tour
United Kingdom Netball tour
United Kingdom Rugby tour
United Kingdom Soccer tour
United Kingdom Tourism tour
United Kingdom Waterpolo tour
United States Art tour
United States Cultural tour
United States Educational tour
United States History tour
United States Hospitality tour
United States Soccer tour
United States Tourism tour
United States Waterpolo tour
Vietnam Cultural tour
Vietnam Educational tour
Vietnam History tour
Vietnam Hospitality tour
Vietnam Tourism tour
Wales Art tour
Wales Cricket tour
Wales Cultural tour
Wales Educational tour
Wales History tour
Wales Hockey tour
Wales Netball tour
Wales Rugby tour
Wales Soccer tour
Wales Tourism tour
Wales Waterpolo tour
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School tour specialists

Over and above the normal sport Travel and Sport has organised school tours in various other school sport and arts disciplines, such as

  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Golf
  • Chess
  • Dancing
  • Tug of War
  • Cycling
  • Soccer
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • and others

Please contact us with your specific need and we will assist you in putting your tour together.

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We are currently looking for an exceptional individual to market our tours to the schools in South Africa.

The successful candidate will typically be a qualified teacher, aged between 24 and 30, with a passion for sport and/or culture, travel and people. English mother tongue, passable Afrikaans and a hunger for success are non negotiable prerequisites.

In exchange we offer an attractive income package, with potential in the R250K to R300K region, and the opportunity for international travel.

Please send a complete CV to our talent scout, with a cover letter indicating why you should be considered.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for further interviews.

Last updated: 27-Nov-2011