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Tournament Registration

Please register your tournament with us

We would like to assist you by organising that an invitational team selected at your tournament tour overseas.

Benefits for you as organisers

For every 10 tour members we send one supervisor with, so you can travel overseas or free. This is a great motivator for your co-organisers, staff, and/or participating coaches.

Benefits for your tournament

Offering the opportunity at your tournament to be selected to tour will enhance the status of the tournament. This tour will make your tournament more attractive for schools and you will draw more and better schools. It offers a great incentive to use in recruiting new schools. As the participants will compete for the selection list, the standard of participation will be raised.

Our tournament tours

  • KONKA (u/11 and u/13 Rugby to Ireland)
  • Danie Roussouw (Rugby to Ireland)
  • Diverse Sports Tournament (Cricket to Sri Lanka)
  • Arthur Johnson (Rugby and Hockey to Ireland)
  • Arthur Johnson (Netball to Hong Kong)
  • Mauritz Hansen Week (Rugby to Ireland)
  • ITEC (Rugby to Italy)
  • Tony Stoops (Rugby to Ireland)
  • Best of the West (Hocker & Netball to Ireland)
  • Punt Fest (Cricket to Sri Lanka)
  • Heritage Festival (Cricket to Sri Lanka)


How does it work and who does what?

  • You register your tournament
  • On first day we hand out an informational pamphlet to all
  • Parents that want to let their kids tour, answer us back
  • During the tournament you/us select teams
  • At the closing ceremony each selected kid gets a personalised invite
  • Your job is done
  • We communicate further with the parents re payments, visas etc
  • We keep you up to date
  • You tour


How easy is that?


Please complete the form. Kids stand in queue to qualify for these tours, so you are almost guaranteed a tour