5 Things you are not aware of the United State of America

During the September 2018 holidays, I had the privilege of accompanying 391 learners, teachers, and staff through a once in a lifetime trip. After months of hard work and planning by the Travel and Sport team, the departure day had arrived. This started as a normal morning at first, but the reality quickly set in when you arrived at OR Tambo International and saw all the faces of excited learners, parents and even teachers, everyone was ready to go. 24 hours later we landed in Boston and boy did the fun start then.

1. Baseball can take hours, but totally worth it.
Let me start by saying every person visiting the USA should try and attend an American Sport. We attend a playoff game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees and this will show you why American sports are multi-billion-dollar events. From the atmosphere outside the stadium to the vendors screaming ‘hotdogs, get them while they are hot”, will make this a once in a lifetime experience. This was a dead rubber game as the Red Sox already secured promotion, but the stadium was packed, and the game hyped as this was the first one of the series.

2. New York Pizzas are large.
You always see people eating a slice of pizza in the movies, did you ever wonder why would they do that? During our stay in New York, we discovered one of the best pizza places in the world, just around the corner of Hard Rock Café. On the first night, we just grabbed a slice as we were in a rush to get to our bus, but at that moment we realised that we will be back. The last night of our visit we decided to take some of the teachers for their first experience of NY pizza as they mentioned they never had some and of course we had the place set. We arranged to meet in front of the Lion King Theatre so we knew where we should go after our meal. Seen that we were four adults we knew that a slice would not be enough and decided to buy a whole pizza so we can share. After waiting about 15 minutes our waiter brought a steal structure and placed it on our table, this of course set the discussion to try and figure out what this might be for. This went on for about another 10 minutes before our pizza was ready and boy were we wrong regarding this structure. The pizza was bigger than the table so the stand was placed there to ensure you can still sit comfortably and enjoy this pizza about the size of two and a half Romans pizzas.

3. Transport can be cheap.
American traffic is a lot worse than we can imagine, so to combat this they have started multiple ways to help you move in and around the cities, from public transport( bus, trains, and trams), taxis, Uber, Lift, private cars and our favourite bicycles. If you would like to see more of the Big Apple or even The Capital, I would highly recommend renting a bicycle for as little as $2 a day. This will allow you to see more of the beautiful cities due to less traffic and getting fit doing this.

4. Not a lot of high buildings in Washington DC.
As we are aware everything is bigger and better than the rest of the world and they make sure you can see this. However, this is not true in Washington as the myth runs that no building may be built higher than the Capitol Building, so a lot of the buildings are built down and not up. Some buildings might run 10 floors down rather than up so just imaging the beautiful skyline.

5. Grand Central station a must-see.
What makes the train stations in America special is not only the history, but you are also able to find some of the best food in the world there. However, Central Station has a hiding gem that is only believable once you have done it. No matter how busy the station is you can stand on the one corner and whisper something to someone in the other corner of the station and it will be clear as can be.