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School tour specialists

Travel & Sport have, for over 25 years pioneered the school tour travel industry. We have offered unique travel opportunities to over 35 000 children on approximately 1 200 exciting tours to more than 30 destinations around the World. As respected industry leaders, innovation is at the forefront of our work with excellence, passion & dedication among our core values. Our dynamic team & visionary leadership make for a unique offering – one our competition strive to emulate.

As we have grown and evolved, Travel and Sport’s principal product offerings have grown with us. We offer and wide range of school tours with a major focus on our Academic Enrichment Programmes – the Annual Academic Achievers Initiative our flagship product, which aims to reward & acknowledge outstanding academic learners.

Our track record & vast experience in offering outstanding sports tours has seen Ireland, as of 2014, becoming one of our premium sport tour destinations.

More About Us

Our team

Travel and Sport’s strength & pursuit of excellence stems from the extensive lengths to which we go in having the largest, best-trained and experienced team in South Africa, notwithstanding our vast and established international network.. Our dedicated personnel are trained to offer a premium service, with non-negotiable standards of excellence.

Our friendly personnel are always on hand to ensure that your experience with us is of the highest quality. We endeavor to anticipate your needs before you do and take pride in delivering results timeously and professionally.

Our value proposition

At Travel and Sport, we do more than offer premium school tours. We aim to enrich the youth and teaching mentors of Southern Africa through offering them an experience like no other & not soon forgotten. Our products move beyond the classic benefits of simple travel and strive to offer vibrant enrichment, unique experiences and hopefully inspiration in choosing a future path in life. We aim to create perfectly balanced, comprehensive products that will suit your every need. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing, first-hand the positive effects our tours have on the children and teachers who tour with us.

Your tour

Our streamlined, comprehensive approach sees Travel and Sport continually revising our systems and procedures in order to simplify your pre-tour experience and create affordable tours. Various innovative strategies and techniques allows for a seamless process, easy to use and seen nowhere else in the industry.

Our extensive approach makes for a very comprehensive product offering and no detail is left unexamined. A step-by-step process takes care of every element around your tour and specific attention is paid to effective, timeous communication & professional interaction with our clients.

It’s time to get out & see the World! Contact us now for more information or to get a quote from us. Please browse our website and explore the many different offerings we have for you.

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