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Academic Achievers Orlando and Kennedy Space Center Extension 2016


5 days R 17 499 including all taxes and flights

“Choose it your way” day

To allow for individualism we have a “Choose it your way” day where you select what you want to do on the open day.

Universal Studios


Nobody puts you in the picture like Universal Studios®. Here an amazing array of rides, shows and attractions make YOU the star, putting you right in your favorite scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows.

Universal Studios is the only place on earth where you can experience all the nail-biting excitement, all the pulse-quickening thrills, all the side-splitting comedy of the greatest movies and TV shows ever created… with YOU right in the middle of the action!


Program in short

Day Activity
TBC Fly to Orlando. Beach and shopping
TBC Visit Universal Studios. Circus at night
TBC “Choose it your way” day.
TBC Kennedy Space Center and lunch with an astronaut
TBC Fly back home

Kennedy Space Center


kennedy space center


Bonus – Lunch with an astronaut


One of the greatest and most exciting learning experiences a learner can ever have.

Go into the heart of the exploration of space with a visit to Kennedy Space Center.

Short of becoming an astronaut, there’s no better way to get a glimpse of Kennedy Space Center than on the visit to Kennedy Space Center.


1. Space Shuttle Atlantis

Stand nose-to-nose with Space Shuttle Atlantis and become immersed in true-to-life spaceflight. Celebrate the people and accomplishments of America’s incredible 30-year shuttle program.

2. Shuttle launch experience

“3-2-1- Liftoff!” Sit back, buckle up and hold on tight as you experience what veteran NASA astronauts call the world’s most realistic simulation of a space shuttle launch. The sights, sounds and sensations are so real, you may wonder if you’ve actually left Earth!

3. Lunch with an Astronaut

Guess who’s coming to lunch! When you book this special, limited-seating experience, you’ll see and hear an inspiring multimedia presentation by a veteran NASA astronaut as you enjoy a delicious catered meal. Be sure to ask questions and snap a photo with your astronaut hero!


Get up-close for a drive-by view of a launch pad, experience the historic Apollo 8 launch and marvel at a massive 363-foot-long Saturn V rocket at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Trace the progression of space exploration at the place where it all began…Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Travel through time on the KSC Up-Close Cape Canaveral: Then & Now Tour to learn how the first rockets were launched and the first astronauts became heroes.

A visitor’s quote:

The displays are excellent, with several interactive areas for kids and adults. There were films documenting the programs and the Hubble telescope that were very well done, too. The best part (for us) was being able to go into a “lift-off” simulator. The astronauts say that it is as close as you can get to feeling what it’s like to ride a rocket into space. It was surprisingly short – but way cool.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom


Everybody has to this at least once.

Epcot Center

At Disney Epcot, high tech fun and Disney imagination are combined with the wonder of diverse cultures in two distinct worlds, Future World and World Showcase.Both are bursting with thrills and excitement.

Here you can celebrate innovations that enhance your life and expand your horizons. You can travel around the world…and you don’t even need a passport! You can taste and experience the best of food, music, products and culture of multiple nations at one place.


Seaworld Orlando

One of the options on choose it your way day.

Seaworld is one of the most visited and highly rated theme parks in Orlando and the world.


Here you get to experience ocean creatures up close and you realise how important it is to save our only planet.

Interact with dolphins, penguins, belugas, sea lions and otters.

Seaworld is a place like no other, an experience that will change the way you experience our oceans and our world.



A door opens and two worlds collide. Enter the attic of make-believe, where the mundane meets the marvellous. Dreams and nightmares intertwine.

La Nouba is an unforgettable journey into a world at once threatening and exhilarating, frightening and familiar.

La Nouba beckons to us, challenges us to uncover passions we thought we had lost long ago; to frolic in our childhood dreams and enter a place where the extraordinary transforms and overcomes the ordinary.


R 1 395


Academic Achievers Orlando Breakaway 2016

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