Academic Achievers Tour USA 2016 -School Tour Specialists

Academic Achievers Tour USA 2016

We would like to express our appreciation for everything that you have done so that Sonali Bhaga’s hat her tour to the USA was successful. 

We thank Travel and Sport for the well-organized trip in which we as parents of Sonali Bhaga felt relaxed with the knowledge that our child was well taken care off.  Sonali Bhaga was extremely overjoyed with the incredible experience of travelling with the group.  She thoroughly enjoyed the trip, meals, accommodation and sites that she visited.

Also express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Angela Cerelli, the educator for the pink Group 2.  Sonali says that she was so incredible, full of love and care.  She always kept us fully informed and sent us beautiful photos on a daily basis.  We really appreciate this and wish to thank you for being our child’s mummy abroad.

With Love

Roshni Mooni (Sonali Bhaga’s Grandmother), Anil Bhaga, Rashika Bhaga, Sonali Bhaga, Thakshil Bhaga and all our family and friends. 

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