Academic Achievers USA 2016 -School Tour Specialists

Academic Achievers USA 2016

This experience has added such value to Joshua’s life.  He has matured and learnt so much through this short experience.  

He has witnessed history from the 911 Memorial to the Arlington Cemetery. Shopping and visiting famous parts of the world. He has attended lectures at the top universities in the world, walked through passages at these universities – making this every child’s dream to be able to achieve. It has now become even more important for him to achieve top marks in education as he strives towards success in his future. 

He has made friends from various schools and this tour has given him a some insight in universities abroad, which I think is very important to be aware of currently. We as parents would never be able to make this experience possible and thanks to our school “KES” and Travel & Sport it was made possible.

Travel & Sport can be highly recommended to any school and / or parent.  The communication, arrangements and their professionalism can be highly recommended.

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