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How to apply for a South African passport

Applying for tourist passports: Persons 16 years and older

These passports are issued to SA citizens who are 16 years and older.
The passports are valid for 10 years from the date of issue, and are not renewable.

When your South African passport expires you have to complete a new application to get a new passport. Please do this at least six months before expiry. Many countries will not allow you to travel if your passport it not at least valid for 3 months after your exit from that country.


To apply for the passport, you must visit the nearest Home Affairs office and submit the following documents:

  • A duly completed passport application Form DHA-73
  • Your original identity document and a copy, or a birth certificate and copy thereof if under 16
  • If under 18 years, parental consent for issuing of the passport. Please see Tourist passports: persons under 16 for the requirements
  • A completed determination of citizenship Form DHA-529  when applying from abroad
  • Present any existing valid tourist passport or if you have lost your passport or it has been stolen and you are applying for a new passport,  you must provide a loss of passport report (DHA-335 ) and confirmation that you reported the loss to the police
  • Two colour photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications
  • Pay the prescribed fee for the passport

This information was published on 19 November 2014. For updated information please visit Home Affairs website