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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Policy

Corona virus – should I cancel now?

We all know the devastating effect the Corona Virus is having on the world.

The international economy is under great strain and the citizens of the world are in panic. Unfortunately, the popular media make it their mission to abuse this situation leading to the current panic filled status quo. The travel industry is in the front line of the economic downside and will possibly be hurt the most by this.

I wish to share Travel and Sport’s take on the Covid-19 situation.

Travel and Sport has an obligation to base all advice and decisions on fact, and fact only.  We work with the lives of children and we know what responsibilities this bestow upon us.  The sources we use and recommendations we follow to make decisions are those as stipulated by government regulations or World Health Organisation recommendations. It will be irresponsible for us, and possibly make us legally liable, if we advise outside fact. Hence, we cannot act on opinions formed and decisions made due to information outside these sources or based on emotions.

Travel and Sport uses best practice in our decisions and actions brought upon us by this crisis and the consequences for our clients and us.

If tours travel to any destination against which the WHO did not issue a recommendation, or where there is no government regulation banning travel at the actual time of travel, Travel and Sport is legally obliged to deliver such tour.

All clients and Travel and Sport are bound by the contract between us.  This contract has specific clauses around cancellation penalties, and we will stick to the letter of that. Everybody that travels with Travel and Sport is obliged to buy travel insurance through our partners in business, Bryte Insurance.

Travel and Sport facilitates this to mitigate risk and financial loss for our clients. Clients have the legal right to cancel tours and Travel and Sport has a legal commitment to act on such. WHO and governments carry the best interest of the world at heart, and they will not recommend or permit travel to destinations that are life threatening.

It is very important to know your rights when cancelling.  Every decision has consequences.

Should a client base their decision on fact from the information base that Travel and Sport uses, the chances are excellent that they will have a successful insurance claim which should prevent any financial losses. When unilateral cancellation is based on emotion or on interpretation of facts other than those given by WHO or governments, that is the client’s right and the consequences are theirs to bear.

It is human to blame shift the consequences of decisions to another party, but ultimately one is solely responsible for one’s decisions. A dangerous situation is someone else advising you to cancel to your financial detriment.

Travel and Sport will never advise you to cancel a trip if there is not an excellent chance for an insurance claim. If you want to cancel a future trip, it is important to wait until you have a valid insurance claim. Travel and Sport has been lenient in the past with our contract terms and has helped where we could.

The current situation changed everything and for the survival of the company we have to fall back on the contract between us and the clients to the letter. Travel and Sport will not consider any refunds ex gratia outside the terms of our contract.

If you wish to cancel, please discuss with us first.

If you have any questions regarding cancellation, please mail us at

We wish you only the best in these testing times.

Travel and Sport team


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