Corona Virus (COVID-19) Policy

19 Oct 2020


We all know the devastating effect Covid-19 has had on the world.

The global economy is still under great strain.  The travel industry was one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

Travel and Sport has an obligation to base all advice and decisions on fact, and fact only.  We work with the lives of children and we know what responsibility this bestows on us.  The sources we use and recommendations we follow to make decisions are those as stipulated by government regulations or World Health Organisation recommendations. It will be irresponsible for us, and possibly make us legally liable, if we advise outside fact.

Travel and Sport uses best practice in our decisions and actions brought upon us by this crisis and the consequences for our clients.

If tours travel to any destination against which the WHO did not issue a recommendation, or where there is no government regulation banning travel at the actual time of travel, Travel and Sport is legally obliged to deliver such tour.

Clients have the legal right to cancel tours and Travel and Sport has a legal commitment to act on such. WHO and governments carry the best interest of the world at heart, and they will not recommend or permit travel to destinations that are life threatening.

All clients and Travel and Sport are bound by the contract between us.  This contract has specific clauses around cancellation penalties, and we have to stick to the letter of that.

It is very important to know your rights when cancelling as it can be financially detrimental.   If you wish to cancel, please feel free to discuss with us first.

Should a client still decide to cancel he/she will be compensated for the amount due in terms of the contract.

If you have any questions regarding cancellation, please mail us at


Kind regards,
Travel and Sport team


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