FAQ’s and FAQ’s staff explained

The purpose of FAQ’s is to give online answers to often asked questions as to save time sending emails and having telephone conversations over and over again about the same stuff.

Some questions are related to clients and some questions are related to in-house work related matters.

To let a post (article) appear on a specific page, we categorise posts. (on the right side of the page when editing, as per pic)
For instance, if we categorise a post as Art, and we want to show all art related posts, we just use a filter on the page to display it.

To distinguish between work related FAQ’s and client relevant FAQ’s, we select either FAQ’s Staff or FAQ’s to categorise the relevant post.

Some times, when a post is applicable to both, we will select both categories and the post will then appear on all pages applicable to FAQ’s and FAQ’s staff.

Please contact me on steven@travelandsport.com if that does not make sense.

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