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Fund Options

At Travel & Sport we focus on sport and academic/cultural tours, typically for high school children.

Academic Achiever Option 

In terms of academic tours, we have a hugely successful annual tour which is specifically designed for South Africa’s academic elite; whereby participating schools – countrywide, send in the names of their academic achievers. Those individuals are then invited by us to tour overseas where they attend private lectures, admission sessions and campus tours at the world’s top universities. Destinations for these tours are typically USA, UK and Europe.

Sport Achiever Option 

On the sport front, we arrange approximately 50 invitational sport tours a year whereby selected players from tournaments across the country are invited to tour overseas to compete against international opposition, and very often attend professional coaching clinics whilst on tour.

 As we go through the invitation process we often encounter situations where the invitee is very gifted, whether it be on the sport field or in the classroom but is unable to fund the expedition at hand, and therefore loses out on a huge opportunity to advance their skills. It is in these cases that we would like to help out by offering funding or at least partial funding in order for the child to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Either for the Academic Achiever or for the Sport Achiever, for which we both have funds.

With your help we can.