Glen Austin High School

Who We Are

Our Mission
To pursue and maintain excellence in all spheres of school life. To encourage a culture of lifelong learning, through passion for learning and dedication to innovation and quality.

Our Vision
To Provide a stimulating environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum. To maximise the potential of individuals and to ensure that learners of all ability levels are equipped to meet the challenges of education, work , and life.

Our Aim
It is the aim of the school to produce young adults who are independent thinkers with physical and moral courage, who are articulate, well mannered and tolerant, educated in the widest sense of the world, sensitive to the needs of others and responsible active members of society.

Gauteng Education Registration Number: 700 400 706
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Do you want the very best education for your child? 

  • Exclusive schooling where we bring the very best for your child.
  • Internationally acclaimed artist, to teach art and drama.
  • Educated in a healthy environment.
  • Small classes, with passionate teachers.
  • Brought up with Christian values, ethos and positive discipline.
  • State of the art technology, including tablets/e-books and interactive white boards

Do you want your child to be a well-rounded young adult?

  • We will assist in the setting of educational goals for your child.
  • Psych Ed offered by registered psychologist.
  • A unique workshop based programme, held weekly to strength and enhance your child’s mental wellbeing.
  • Life coaching, peer relationship and self-esteem issues and adolescence by our registered child psychologist.

Do you want your child to have a head start in the world through the competent use of technology? 

  • E-manuals.
  • Microsoft Office Suite training included for grade 8.
  • Basic Hardware and Software training (A+) included for grade 9.
  • Basic Networking and IT technician training included for grade 10.
  • Server Administrator training available for grades 11 and 12.


When admitted to this school students become part of the GLEN AUSTIN Culture and it will be expected of them to maintain a positive lifestyle, striving towards finding V.I.R.T.U.E in all they do.