Hellopeter Review – Mervin

Dear Mr Naidu

Thank you for your review. Please find feedback from Travel and Sport:

Travel and Sport would typically not reply in this manner on open platforms, but your allegations are so false and far fetched that you sadly leave us no choice. You chose platforms such as these to try and blackmail us into acting outside the terms and conditions of the contract between you and ourselves.


The facts

You were part of a tour group planning to travel overseas in March 2020. You or your representatives attended a meeting on 15 March 2020 at 10:00 am to plan what to do due to the effect of COVID 19. All tour members were represented.

The group decided, and instructed Travel and Sport, to postpone the tour to December 2020, your party included.  There were no objections from anyone. We communicated the new date for the tour on 23 March via email and WhatsApp. There were once again, no objections.

You emailed and requested to claim through the travel insurance on 1 April,. I advised you that we moved all services as per the members of group’s instruction. You initially stated financial reasons for cancellation and not a medical condition.

In completing your online booking form, which is part of your contract with us, you declined to declare your asthma. It is very concerning that you now mention it as the reason why you cannot travel. It is also a pity that you used it on your claim form too. 

We will duly inform the insurance company of your health declaration. They might also consider legal action. Not Travel and Sport, nor anyone else, is forcing you to travel. To travel or not is your decision and legal right and duty to make. The consequences of your choice are yours to carry.

Your stated tour price is maliciously false and I can only think your lied because you wanted to cause damage to our image. You or whoever advised you knew that was the cost for three packages.

We object to the fact that you lie in your effort to mislead the readers of your post. You are intentionally spreading damaging falsehoods about us. We reserve our right to pursue you for crimen injuria. Your apology and a message setting the facts straight on this platform and by email might prevent us from pursuing this further.

 The matter of insurance is a legal matter between you and Bryte, and we are not a legal party to that.

Our final advice is that you join the group as initially planned.

Travel and Sport Team