Hilton College

Hilton College, a unique world class South African boarding school for boys, strives to provide a balanced educational experience that enables each individual to acquire life skills and embrace Christian values that will allow him to realise his full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society.

We value
Courage, Respect, Humility, Compassion,
Honesty and Accountability
with INTEGRITY in all we do …

Hilton College has adopted a set of nine Key Focus Areas aligned to the execution of the Vision and Mission:

  1. Staff: To build a diverse and dynamic team of professionals who are engaged, passionate and aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values.
  2. Academics: To develop in each boy a love of learning, and a sound work ethic whilst helping him to achieve the results of which he is capable.
  3. Unique Leadership Offering: To be at the forefront of character and servant leadership development.
  4. Pastoral Care: To foster a Christian, values-based community that cares for the individual members of the Hilton College Family and acts on our wider social responsibilities.
  5. Sport: To build in each boy character through participation in team sport whilst striving for excellence in our sports.
  6. Cultural: To encourage creativity, participation in, and an appreciation of the arts through exposure to a range of cultural opportunities.
  7. Financial Sustainability: To operate a business model aligned with our Vision, Mission,Values and Strategy that ensures the long-term viability of Hilton College.
  8. Estate: To utilise our unique estate to develop an appreciation of nature and the need to sustain the natural environment for future generations.
  9. Diversity: To be a truly South African school that embraces, celebrates and reflects diversity.