HS Garsfontein European Tour 2016

The dust has finally started to settle on a very hectic start to 2017. Thus, I now have time to send this long-over-due feedback on our European Tour of December 2016.

I include all parties involved with the tour, as it was truly a team effort:

  1. Firstly I would like to congratulate and thank Steven and the team at Travel and Sport for the professional manner in which you managed the complete process.  

ü  Allow me to single out Lana Versluis for the friendly and professional way in which she handled all our queries, complaints and requests. She is a fantastic ambassador for your company and I will work with no one else in the future (with respect to all the other capable staff of course… Wink-Wink).

ü  A special thanks to Wihan as well, for making the client feel as if they are the only client on the company’s books. I think he must be one of your companies most valuable assets.


  1. Secondly it is a pleasure for me to thank Karin Pfliegler from PP Performing and Cultural Tours. Karin, the service we received from you, was what our teenagers will call “NEXT LEVEL”. I do not know where to start…

ü  The tour was well planned and included some amazing and life changing events and venues.

ü  The manner you managed to stay calm under pressure and never accept less than perfect from the hotels, guides, etc. etc. showed me what the true meaning of customer service is.

ü  You went above and beyond the call of duty to insure all our needs were met, even when a stolen passport caught us all unaware.

ü  You are also a true ambassador for your own country and the whole of Europe. Thank you for making us feel save and welcome during our whole tour.

ü  Allow me to also point out that the venues in which performed were exactly that of which I dream of when taking a choir on a European tour! Well done!

ü  Let’s maybe start our 2018 in Saltsburg Austria, so that we can experience the home country you are so proud of.   


Con van den Berg