Our Lady of Fatima DCS

Our school was founded for the glory of God and this must remain the cornerstone of all our academic, cultural and sporting endeavours. Religious Education therefore, holds a prime position among our teaching subjects throughout the school and every girl is expected to attend these classes. The aim of our religious education programme is to help our learners discern, respond to, and be transformed by the presence of God in their lives and to work for transformation of the world in the light of this perception of our ever-present God.

It is primarily Catholic Christian and thus focuses on Jesus Christ as the great sacrament of God’s presence in human history. On the other hand it is ecumenical and inclusive, recognizing the dignity and worth of all the world religions.

Our Catholic Christian ethos finds expression in our daily school life through assemblies, the celebration of Masses and Para-liturgies, Assemblies, daily prayers, outreach and Spiritual formation for the staff.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church is situated beside the school. Our Priest, Fr. Desmond Nair, is our Chaplain. He is a member of the School Board, presides over our Masses, takes some Religious Education lessons and is invited to conduct staff formation afternoons and occasional morning assemblies. We appreciate his support.

Retreats are part of our yearly programme. We hold annual staff and Senior Primary retreats as well as bi-annual high school retreats. This contributes to the Spiritual growth and development of all.

Throughout the school we follow recognized local syllabi e.g. CORD and Life Bound, which have been developed by the Catholic Institute of Education. The local Catholic Schools’ Office is a great support to us. They help to form our Religious Educators and are always willing to run workshops.