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Leave policy

As prelude, we have about 8 months in which we can see schools effectively and therefore we cannot afford to be too lenient on allowing leave during the year. The measure is the perfect balance between our reason of existence as a company and our needs to take leave.

Reasonability must prevail.

We decided at the AGM of 2018 on the 22nd of January that we will close on 14 December 2018 and I want us to reopen on 7 January 2019. This means that you will use 11 days of your leave during December (please check). Depending what leave you qualify for, you should then have about 6 to 9 days leave you can take through the year.

The schools close early November already for marketing purposes and there is not a lot of  work for marketers, and little for ops. Therefore it is important that we go about this period in a responsible and planned manner.

Please ensure that you have measurable work during that period. Managers, please ascertain that work in that period is measurable, planned and monitored.

We need to prevent time wastage to increase our profit sharing pool. We cannot allow that week to become a holiday, so anyone wanting to partake in any activities other than work, will have to take a days’ leave to do such.

We also decided that any extended annual leave must be taken in school holidays and when there are no tournaments, whether you are involved in tournaments or not.  We will have tournament dates by January, so that you have enough time to plan.

Please contact me or management if any of above is incorrect or if this needs more discussion.

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