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Let Your School Partake – Permisson

Recruit top learners – Improve academic results – Enrich educators

Travel and Sport organises an annual tour exclusively to top academic learners throughout South Africa.

If you would like more information about our previous Academic Achievers school tours, click here.

This tour exposes our country’s top academic achievers to world leading international universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT etc, where the tour members attend tailor made private lectures on current topical subjects, presented by world leaders in their fields. The tour also includes visits to attractions suited to this select group of students.

In an ever increasing competitive market for the best available new candidates it is critical that you use the full spectrum of tools to give you the cutting edge in the recruitment of top academic learners and educators.

Improve your value offering without putting any strain on your school’s resources.

This Travel and Sport initiative works purely on a direct basis with parents, whilst the school reaps the benefits.

Travel and Sport then prepares personalised invitations for every learner and the parents decide and communicate directly with Travel and Sport about participation.

For every ten learners from your school you can send an educator of your choice on the tour, free of charge.  This creates a valuable development opportunity for you and your staff.

Please complete this form in order to authorise Travel and Sport to collect the names of your academic achievers.