Maranatha Christian School

Wow Egypt was amazing and we did not feel unsafe for a minute. There was a bodyguard with us but he has been with us over the six years that we have been going to Egypt.

This is really shocking that People think if something happens in Siberia that it is close to Cairo or Luxor or even Giza. Which were the sites we visit to see the culture, history and amazing art of Ancient Egypt. It’s like saying it is unsafe in Kempton Park because the university in Johannesburg has a riot?  

We spend three days this time in Egypt which is one day more than the previous tours and Mohamed our guide was amazing. From the Pyramids, Camel Ride, The biggest Sculpture to the Smallest sculpture, The Nile cruise, the people and even the Museum which they are currently going to move within the next 2 years to the three Pyramids of Giza. The valley of kings… these are only a handful of activities and sites that I think every person should see!! The inside of a Pyramid the hieroglyphics. It is all breathtaking