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Our Open Tours are aimed at making touring easier and more accessible for the keen traveller! Through this type of tour, we invite learners from the same grade on an annual tour, from different schools – therefore easing the pressure of one school gathering enough learners to make the tour a viable endeavour. The necessity for one school to gather enough learners on their own is often the cause for international tours not taking place, and leaving many excited learners disappointed.

With Open Tours, you simply check which destination your grade is going on and decide if you would like to join, it is as easy as that!

Some quick facts:

  • Tours take place in the Sept/Oct holiday.
  • Each grade (8-11) has their very own tour and destination.
  • It is run independently from the school – therefore all parent communication is done directly with us.
  • Teachers from participating schools are invited along in order to supervise learners as with any school tour.


There is no qualification process. Mostly schools will let us know how many invitations to send to their school for them to distribute, if your school doesn’t already participate please feel free to contact us directly in order to receive your tour invitation. This will include your: Parent letter, itinerary, pricing, payment and booking details.

Touring overseas in general as a learner is an invaluable experience. It creates a platform for your child to be exposed to a variety of iconic sites, cultures, history and unique experiences. This all leads to character-building, confidence, independence, self-discovery and very often the creation of lasting friendships. Travelling within a supervised group, with your school mates is also only available for a limited period of time, usually during your high school years. Once school is over, the opportunity is lost forever.

Once you have received your invitation(request invitation now) , and you would like to accept and join the tour, please send in your reply slip. We will send you acknowledgement of receipt as well as further steps for booking. In order to confirm your booking please make deposit payment as per your tour invitation information. See our banking details here.

You will receive regular notifications from Travel & Sport regarding travel requirements and visa guidelines.

Where is your grade going in Sept/Oct 2018?


Grade 8s: Egypt welcomes you with its timeless past & magnificent monuments! Includes a Nile Cruise!


Grade 9s: France & Holland are home to two very famous cities with tons to see and do! Paris and Amsterdam both very unique, are sure to amaze the young traveller!


Grade 10s: Journey Across the Alps! Bring Europe to life as you make your way from Paris to some of the highest peaks in the French Alps, appreciate the beauty of Switzerland and finish off with everyone’s favourite, Italy!


Grade 11s: Greece offers such good value for money it cannot be missed! Immerse yourself in Greek culture, cuisine and its fascinating history! Including the best of Athens, Mykonos and Santorini!

Remember you have until 30 March 2018 to secure your child’s booking!

Would you like to make your deposit payment now? See banking details.

Talk to us if you need to make an arrangement regarding your payment or if

you would be interested in fundraising and/or sponsorship options.

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Proposed tour departure dates are 28 September 2018.