Personal overseas travel

Want to travel overseas on your own itinerary?

From now on, except during tournaments, name collection periods and preparation for projects such as Academic Achievers and the three annual planning meetings, you can travel anywhere you wish during school holidays and dead times.  Management will define these no go times as a group.

What is in it for you?

Your days overseas will NOT count as leave taken, except if you travel in December during compulsory leave. The cost can be paid with before tax income as you will be doing educational travel. This can save you between 30% and 40% of travel costs.


What about travel for free?

If you build a new unique product, and the office sells 3 of that product (not only destination) before the end of the year after the year you travel (13 to 23 months), reasonable travel expenses incurred in building the product will be refunded to you (that would make your travel essentially free).  You just need to apply for this benefit before you travel, with your product that you wish to build, well described and if approved, bob’s your uncle.

You have to bear the cost of your partner’s expenses above what a single travel would have cost, paid with before tax money.