School of Achievement

The School of Achievement came into existence as a result of the shared vision and dedication of individuals and institutions who recognised that special intervention was needed to assist children with learning disabilities.

The school is situated in Elspark, Germiston and is a progressive, career-oriented school that provides specialized education of a high academic standard. Its culture is a unique blend of professionalism, warmth and dynamism. It is results driven, and places a strong emphasis on effective management. At the same time it offers a very supportive, warm and caring environment, in which the necessary competencies and general development of learners can be nurtured. Its chosen style of delivering education and development, which is echoed in its values and the notion of invitational education, distinguishes the School of Achievement from others in its category.

Our Vision

Our VISION is quality educational intervention for learners with barriers to learning and development (specifically learning disabilities) within the philosophy of invitational education.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to maintain the human and physical resources at the school in order to provide sustainable quality educational intervention shaped by the principles transformation, equity and Ubuntu — guided by School of Achievement’s values.

Our Values

Effectiveness: encompassing

  •     Desired (educational) outcomes
  •     Quality intervention
  •     Service delivery
  •     Capacity building
  •     Organizational development
  •     Efficiency