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Social Responsibility

A Gift To An Achiever’s Future

As a company that works closely with the youth of South Africa, we at Travel & Sport are often exposed to the immense talent & promise which our young South Africans possess. However, we are all aware that at times the means to invest in this talent & promise are not in the possession of the individual’s parents or guardians.

Just as we create the opportunities for our young to further their prospects through international exposure; we also share in the responsibility to make these international tours a reality for those who are at a financial disadvantage.

For every Rand contributed to either the Academic Achievers or Sport Achievers Fund, Travel & Sport will contribute X amount to the same fund.


Would you like to contribute to an achiever’s future?

To donate now, please follow the quick steps:

Select your fund of choice   Academic Achiever | Sport Achiever
Amount you wish to donate Rxxxx
Bank details and payment reference ref: DON-AA/SA (if we can make it that the reference is pre-determined by the choice they make re fund. Ie: if they pick Academic Achiever the reference can start with DON-AA or something…)
Proof of payment can be sent to


How Do I Donate With Snapscan?

Open the SnapScan app and tap on “Scan” to scan the SnapCode (a QR code, or square barcode) displayed in the shop, at the point of sale, on the invoice or website where you want to pay. This identifies the shop and prompts you to enter the amount you wish to pay. Enter your PIN or use TouchID on your Apple device to secure and complete the transaction. The merchant will receive a notification via SMS or on their point of sale system to confirm that the payment has been made.