Staff Loan Policy

  1. Staff Loans will only be granted by exception. Nobody is automatically entitled to borrowing money from Travel and Sport.
  2. Staff Loans should be applied for in advance.
  3. Staff Loan should be authorized by a manager.
  4. No loan will be granted unless dually applied for and authorized by a manager.
  5. No expense will be booked, ordered or paid for unless prior application and authorisation is in place.
  6. The following documents should accompany the loan application:
    1. Acknowledgement of Debt
    2. Repayment arrangement
    3. Authorisation to deduct form Salary
  7. Documents in no 6) above should be attached to payment request, and be emailed to finance (Mariska) AND HR (Amanda).
  8. No payment will be done towards private goods / services (including that of spouses) unless the above procedure has been followed.

The following expenses are deemed private use:

  1. Spouse travel and excursions
  2. Spouse flight tickets
  3. Private travel expenses
  4. Any other goods / services not for normal business