Tour price updates to a client

  1. Exchange rate information
    1. All exchange rate related information on tour price must always be based on the original exchange rate of the quote/letter that the clients accept, until the final account.
    2. If a client asks for an exchange rate update during the course of a tour, Steven or Helga or Mariska must do the calculations.
    3. It must be put in writing to the client that the new estimate is not  real indication of what the eventual tour price will be.
    4. All exchange rate related information  must also be accompanied by a table (that you can find on the costing sheet) that must indicate the tour price at a higher and lower exchange rate scenario. This includes any correspondence, any presentation etc. at every client interaction where price is involved
  1. Tour changes information
    1. Additional excursions, meals, transfers, services, practice sessions etc.
      1. Any of above that influences the original tour price should be communicated to all involved in writing.
      2. The tour contact person should acknowledge in writing that they understand and accept the increase and that they will explain it to the payers, else it will not be included.
    2. Tour changes due to pax decrease:
      1. The fact that our tour prices are based on a certain amount of pax and that the tour price may increase if less pax tour must be communicated at all client contact points.
      2. This must specifically also be on the presentation slides/letters/quotes communicated to the payers and organisers.