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Tournament Registration

Please register your tournament with us

We would like to assist you by organising that an invitational team selected at your tournament tour overseas.

Benefits for you as organisers

For every 10 tour members we send one supervisor with, so you can travel overseas or free. This is a great motivator for your co-organisers, staff, and/or participating coaches.

Benefits for your tournament

Offering the opportunity at your tournament to be selected to tour will enhance the status of the tournament. This tour will make your tournament more attractive for schools and you will draw more and better schools. It offers a great incentive to use in recruiting new schools. As the participants will compete for the selection list, the standard of play will be raised.

Our tournament tours

  • LS BEKKER BULLE o11 Rugby Toernooi
  • LS BEKKER BULLE o13 Rugby Toernooi
  • SPORTWENI o13 Netbal Toernooi
  • Glenwood u16 Rugby Festival Glenwood u19 Rugby Festival
  • KOSH Klerskdorp CERTISURE o11 Rugby Toernooi
  • KOSH Klerskdorp CERTISURE o13 Rugby Toernooi
  • ECHS o14 Dogters Hokkie Toernooi
  • ECHS o14 Seuns Toernooi
  • ECHS o16 Dogters Toernooi
  • ECHS o16 Seuns Toernooi
  • ECHS o19 Seuns Toernooi
  • Heritage Festival (Cricket to Sri Lanka and India)
  • Founders Hockey Festival (Hockey to the Netherlands)
  • ECHS o19 Dogters Toernooi
  • ECHS Voortrekker Betlehem Hokkie Toernooi
  • WESTVILLE u13 Rugby Festival
  • Paarl Gimnasium 0/16 Rugby
  • Paarl Gimnasium 0/14 rugby
  • ITEC Rugby
  • VKB 0/13 Rugby
  • VKB 0/16 rugby
  • Riebeeck Vallei 0/13 Rugby
  • Riebeeck Vallei O/13 Netbal
  • Fairmont High Hockey
  • Hansieweek Rugby – HS Hans Strijdom
  • Hoërskool Garsfontein hokkie
  • Tuks-Reeks rugby, hokkie en netbal 0/16
  • NTK Rugby – Merensky HS


How does it work and who does what?

  • You register your tournament online
  • On the first day we hand out information pamphlets to all
  • Parents who want to let their kids tour, answer us back, send us their reply
  • During the tournament you/we select teams
  • At the closing ceremony each selected player will receive a personal invitation to tour in the Invitational Team.
  • All tour arrangements are managed directly between Travel & Sport and the parents
  • You will be kept up to date regarding tour arrangements in the months prior to departure
  • You tour!


How easy is that?


Please complete the form. Kids stand in queue to qualify for these tours, so you are almost guaranteed a tour